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Bernard Adjei

Bernard Adjei is a Ghanaian raised in Dansoman before moving to the UK to pursue a career in Business and IT. He attended the University of Bolton, gaining a degree in Business Information System. Prior to becoming a Project Manager at one of the leading banks in the UK, Bernard started his career at Manchester United FC as a waiter, progressing through the ranks to become a Junior Business System Analyst and then to the role of an EPOS Support Analyst. He later moved to NCC Group, a leading company in the Escrow Sector to become a Business Analyst.

Bernard began making contributions towards understanding the humanitarian world in the early stages of his career by raising more than £10,000 for Children in Need. He has setup the 'RISE: A Call to Action scheme, which promotes diversity and inclusion within the banking industry. The scheme aims to encourage ethnic minority professionals to visit schools with a high concentration of ethnic minorities, to empower and mentor students.

Bernard has won numerous awards for his achievement and projects. In 2015, he was awarded the "Group Functions Award" for his contribution within the Risk Portfolio sector; and was named UK's Young Banker of the Year for his innovations in the International Transfer Market. He hopes to become a Director of Innovation and Strategy in a major financial institution in the next 3-5 years.


Sarah Owusu

Sarah Owusu was born in London, United Kingdom and studied at the University of Essex, earning a BSc (Hons) Psychology. She is a self-taught Ghanaian British artist. After years of painting, she soon identified her own unique style. Using acrylic and mixed media, at the base of Sarah's work lies very striking, colourful and exuberant strokes as a way of expression. Her bright, abstract and sometimes distorted portraits of herself and prominent figures continue to help reclaim Africa's rich history, culture and heritage.

She paints those who have helped to shape history particularly Black and African history. She explains, "God is the most famous, talented and creator of all creations. I may be the one holding the brush, but it is He who executes it all." In 2016, she partnered with GiveMeTap by designing 3 bottles with an artwork.

Every single bottle sold gave a person in Africa, mainly Ghana access to clean drinking water for 5 years and the proceeds also contributed to installing water pumps in Ghana for those without clean water. The bottles for this campaign very quickly sold out which led to an increasing demand for more of the Gametal bottles with Sarah's artistic designs on them. She was also shortlisted for Future of Ghana's 30 Under 30. She hopes to open and own African art gallery representing and celebrating African artists across the whole world.


Joshua Oware

Joshua Oware is a transdisciplinary arts, humanities, and social sciences researcher. He graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 with the highest double First in Geography and subsequently, joined Rare, a social enterprise, as Research Manager until 2016. Here, he led several award-winning social justice projects, including the creation of the 'Contextual Recruitment System' (CRS). Similarly, during his studies at Oxford University, he set up the Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE); coordinated the Black History Month program; and championed several initiatives.

He later pursued an M.Phil. in Sociology at the University of Cambridge and currently a PhD researcher at the Dept. of Psychosocial Studies - Birkbeck, University of London. Joshua's work has appeared in major media and news outlets. Over the past five years, Joshua has served as an advisor to: Jo Johnson MP's Social Mobility Advisory Group, the Met Police (Police Now), the Amos Bursary, the Ubuntu education fund, the Runnymede Trust, and the international Undergraduate Awards, as a non-executive Board Member.

Joshua was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Postgraduate Fellow of the RGS-IBG and has also won several national and international awards, including: #10 Top 100 Future Leaders by the UK Future Leaders Magazine (2012); Diane Abbott MP's Higher Education Achievement Award (2014); the Oxford University Vice Chancellor's Civic Award, for work of local and national importance (2013); HM Prince's Trust Race Equality Role Model award (2016).


Afua Adom

Afua Adom studied journalism at City University and specialized in broadcasting and music. She worked at T4 and PopWorld before moving on to the dizzy heights of 60 Minute Makeover on ITV. She later worked various jobs before landing a job at Blackhair as Editorial Assistant.

She rose to Editor after only a year and left to be the Features Editor for Pride and the Producer and Anchor for Arise News. After switching to ABN TV, Afua currently produces and presents the popular show Young & Rising, and launched Entertainment Weekly. She is also the host of The Breakfast Show on ABN Radio as well as niche TV show called Sustainable Energy for CNBC. She is the Editor of Glam Africa Magazine and writes a monthly column for the the Voice Newspaper called 'For The Culture' which shines a light on all things African.

Afua has a passion for telling stories from the Ghanaian diaspora in the UK and uses her platform to shine light on stories back home that need awareness. In 2017, Afua Adom was nominated for an African Pride Award for Best Presenter. She hopes to continue with broadcast journalism in future and make programmes for TV and radio in the UK, Ghana and all across Africa. She dreams to work on the CNN programme African Voices.


Jasmin Adjeiwaa Assanoh

Jasmin Adjeiwaa Assanoh, is a young eclectic woman, an entrepreneur and a leader who has devoted her time in making an impact in the lives of young peoples' in the UK, and Ghana through mentoring and creating educational and empowering workshop sessions.

As one of the few Diasporan Ghanaian at the Youth Delegate to the United Nations Youth Assembly and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK. Jasmin aims to use her experience to help young people develop courage to take career paths that are not the norm to many, especially in male dominated roles.

As a beauty pageant contestant, she has utilised that platform to showcase her Ghanaian heritage and to start her own pageant coaching and consultancy agency to help young people build their confidence. Her undeniable desire for youth development and the disaporan community has inspired her to develop an organisation called 'Rising Nation' - an organisation that seeks to promote and support young people with dyslexia and autism in the UK and Ghana through mentorship services, parent/caregiver activities and workshops.

Jasmin has worked with over 50 young people through an annual initiative called 'Project LEAD' ran by YPN to educate them and help them harness their political power and social literacy. Jasmin's motto is: "no matter what obstacles might have been in your way, as long as you believe in God, yourself and have a clear goal; you will overcome".