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Nelplast Ghana Limited

Nelplast Ghana Limited has been in plastic recycling business for five years. The company is currently at its survival stage in the industry and has been recycling plastic waste, converting plastic waste into pavement blocks, converting plastic waste into roofing slaps and converting plastic waste into floor tiles. Nelplast has an incredible impact on communities in Ghana and globally, including the Ghanaian community living in the UK. Youth and recent university graduates have been particularly inspired by Nelplast's innovation.

The solution that Nelplast offers is simple, practical, tangible and impactful - reflecting the values of many diverse groups of people who desire to see positive change in their communities. Plastic pollution is a global problem of growing concern, which can reach catastrophic proportions in many African cities. Nelplast puts value on waste plastic, employing the poorest in society to collect littered plastics from the environment and from gutters to be recycled into high-quality, low-cost construction materials.

This solution both creates a lot of needed jobs and helps clean the environment and reducing the risk of floods. Nelplast gathers all kinds of plastics waste from the environment fields and turn them into paving stones to pave bad roads in various communities in Ghana. Nelplast aims to scale up their prospects and production figures. With the possible invention of one additional plastic sand paster extruder at construction material production site.


Developers in Vogue

Developers in Vogue has been in business for only a year but has rapidly developed into a successful and growing company. The company has built an artificial intelligence powered platform that connects female developers from Africa to real-time projects and jobs from anywhere in the world.

Considering the alarming gender gap in technology, DIV have channelled most of their efforts in training females to be software developers by using a project-oriented curriculum and also assigning dedicated mentors to them to provide guidance and support. After training, the ladies are exposed to opportunities in the tech ecosystem via the DIV platform.

In the past one year, DIV have trained over 1000 young people in digital skills and currently have more than 100 females in communities in Ghana. Developers in Vogue has been featured in the Founding Women Book which is one of the projects of the Africa Technology Business Network (ATBN) in the UK. DIV seeks to solve the issue of underrepresentation of African women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The core believe of the company is that African women have the potential to be leaders in STEM fields so they are provided with the opportunities to excel.

DIV was among 3 businesses that had the opportunity to present their work to the President of Ghana at the launch of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovations Plan in 2017. Tech Nova also named the company as one of the top 10 Ghanaian tech companies to watch out for in 2018.


Liranz Limited

Liranz started its operation in 2012 with the aim of focusing on IT support and outsourcing. They are touted as the premier IT support & outsourcing company in Ghana with a mission to help businesses and organizations optimize their operations and output through information Technology as a helpful investment.

Liranz are dedicated to ensuring that their clients are provided with professional IT support, ranging from fully outsourced IT Managed Services to project based IT support. Their range of services include: Managed IT services, IT Support & Outsourcing Services, IT Consulting & Projects, IT training & coaching, Network systems management, Infrastructure management, IT staffing and Digital Services. Their IT managed Services specialty enables them to provide cost-effective and customized IT services for business with between 10 and 500 users in a range of industries.

Liranz has been able to establish strong partnerships with some of the world's most respected Technological organizations to provide exceptional value by utilizing seamlessly integrated technology, extensive knowledge, and unparalleled expertise to provide tailored business technology management for their clients. And has also impacted the lives of many across the length and breadth of this country through its philanthropic wing Liranz Foundation. In July, 2017 LIRANZ was adjudged the IT Consulting Firm of the Year and has recently won the Outstanding ICT Firm of the Year at the West Africa Business Excellence Awards 2018.


Logiciel Limited

Logiciel Ltd. has been in the Financial Software Services industry for six years and is rapidly growing with many successes. Logiciel has two main product lines: 1. Zigloi (formerly known as gKudi): A cloud based banking solution for the microfinance / micro-credit industry currently being used by over 200 institutions nationwide and 2. eSpyon: A revenue mobilization system for institutions to monitor their field agents who are doing transactions whilst out on the field.

eSpyon is used by banks, insurance companies and district assemblies. Logicel's banking solution (Zigloi) has been heavily subsidised so it's affordable to the institutions in the improvised parts of the country who will not be able to afford a full-fledged end-to-end banking solution.

In the six years of existence of Logicel Limited, over 500 microfinance companies have signed on to their platform. Since Logicel's platform is cloud-based, it cuts out the additional costs that would have been incurred if the institution signed on it were managing the infrastructure in-house, such as: server equipment and networking costs, 24/7 standby generator, IT Personnel etc.

The cloud based nature of the product, along with the add-on mobile apps, enables clients to extend their reach to remote areas in an affordable manner. This means it's easier to offer banking services to those in rural areas without having a branch there. At Logiciel, in addition to training their clients on how to use the product, they also train them on how to run their operations.