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Ghana Doctors and Dentists UK (GDDA-UK)

The Ghana Doctors and Dentists Association UK (GDDA UK) is a charitable Organization formed in 2006. It was established for Doctors and Dentists of Ghanaian origin, ancestry, heritage or affiliation who are resident in the UK. These Professionals came together to join forces to support healthcare in Ghana, adopting the motto 'PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE & COMMUNITY SERVICE'. The organization aims to speak with one voice for all its members in various aspects of their lives and careers in the UK as well as their contribution to Ghana in the Health sector.
Members of the Organization are emigrant professionals who are willing to contribute their skills and resources to help their homeland, where appropriate institutions exist to facilitate this. Since its first meeting, GDDA UK has continued to grow into a vibrant Organization -incorporating Nurses, Lawyers and Accountants into the Organization. The Ghana Doctors and Dentist Association UK hopes, going into the future, to continue building alliances of benefit to strengthen communities with a vision for a better Ghana.

GDDA is committed to transforming the patient experience in Ghana and the valuable work that goes on day to day in Ghana, by going the extra mile. The Organization has embarked on social projects in education and community service with successful outcomes such as: supplying 500 Medical Textbooks and Tropical Medicine Reference Books to Libraries of Medical, Teaching and District Hospitals in Ghana and supporting the Kumasi based Paediatric Diabetes Network Foundation charity with staples for Diabetic care and also undertaking a community Project undertaken with WHO-MIDA, among many others.


Ghana Nurses Association-GNA (UK)

The Ghana Nurses Association-GNA (UK) provides seminars for Ghanaian welfare associations on:

- Diabetes awareness-promoting amongst
Management of prescribed
Financial and social support of other Ghanaian welfare organizations engaged in charity work both in Ghana and the UK.
Prevention of loneliness and social isolation amongst members through visiting & organizing social outings, boat trips social and sponsored walks across London Bridge

The Charity's objectives are:
The advancement of health
The advancement of education
The relief of hardship, amongst Ghanaians living in the UK and
The prevention or relief of poverty

Over the past 25 years GNA (UK) had been in collaboration with the Ghana Schools' program in the construction of a library and has provided books for senior secondary schools in Anum and the Hia project in the Ashanti Region. The organisation has also donated several medical equipment and supplies to hospitals & health Clinics in Akosombo and Anloga. GNA UK collaborated with the London Moorfields Eye hospital in the construction and offer of ophthalmic Eye treatment centre, with services at Korle Bu hospital in Accra. A donation of over 500 Spectacle frames was made to St Marks eye clinic in Keta, and GNA also visits and organises social events for retired GNA members in Ghana.


Ghana Society UK (Luton)

Ghana Society Luton, has raised the profile of the Ghanaian community and the second generation community in the UK, through various social events such as the Miss Tourism Ghana UK pageant. GS wrote and published the 'Akwaaba to Ghana' book in 2013; an interesting compilation of interviews from Ghanaians living in Luton telling their stories of migration to the UK. GS also promotes social inclusion and cultural diversity within our communities.

Aim & Objectives:
- To promote Ghana Tourism from the Diaspora and tourism programs
- To develop the capacity and skills of individual Ghanaians with a particular focus on youth;
- To help identify their needs, build confidence, reduce isolation and to promote community relations, social cohesion and inclusion
- To promote fair-trade for Ghanaian products
GS has promoted the cultural heritage of Ghana for over a decade through the medium of carnival music and dance and represented Ghana at carnivals in the UK and Europe. GS proudly initiated the concept of the carnival to Ghana and organised the first carnival taster in Ghana in 2011 to boost tourism and create employment.GS partnered with the Ministry of Tourism to organise the carnival in 2012 and 2016. GS also fundraises for various causes such as: Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer and Sickle Cell. They are currently working in partnership with World Child Cancer to support the Children's units at both Korle Bu and Komfo Anokye hospitals.


Ghana Union Bradford (GUB)

The Ghana Union Bradford (GUB) was formed on the 3rd July 2010 in Bradford. From that initial meeting with 12 people, the Association now consists of 80 active members. Prior to its registration as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in November 2016, the GUB was known as the Ghanaian Community in Bradford.

Union Strategy
Purpose: To be a household name in the UK by bringing together Ghanaians living around Bradford who are willing to make a positive impact in both the UK and Ghana.
Vision: To provide the platform for Ghanaians and friends of Ghana to pull resources and talents together in achieving the purpose.
Aims: To promote racial harmony, develop capacity of members, to relieve financial hardship, to organise educational and leisure activities for the general public, and to promote the Ghanaian culture.

Major Successes
- Raised funds for several initiatives, including GUBA's Autism Foundation, Bradford Lord Mayor's charity and to support students both in Ghana and UK.
- Involvement in major diversity and cultural functions organised by the Bradford Council and local schools.
- Working closely with, and assisting in the formation of several Ghana Unions.
- Supporting Hospitals and a district-led project in Ghana.