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Bridging the gap between organisations and their customers is an essential part of any business. Edward Armartey Tagoe and his team formed Nandimobile as a solution to provide these very services for consumers. Nandimobile places emphasis on intensifying company to customer relations through the use of technology.

As the co-founder of Nandimobile, Edward’s many achievements include the organising of Blog Camp Ghana. Blog Camp is a gathering of bloggers and social media personnel to discuss ways to effectively improve their communities and sort problems through social media.  Edward is an inspirational leader and also an organizer for TEDx Accra and Ghana Think.

Amongst his many accomplishments is his current nomination for the GUBA RLG Development Award, competing with other accomplished entrepreneurs.

GUBA gives Edward Tagoe the platform to express himself .…..

Tell us about the premise behind your business

Nandimobile was founded to use technologies especially mobile, to connect organisations and consumers in Africa. The testing ground was Ghana and we have received some remarkable feedback in the past three years of operation. We look forward to replicating this model in other African nations very soon.

How does it feel to be nominated for the Development award and what would winning mean to you?

Being nominated for the Development Award is a big encouragement to my team and I. It shows our efforts have been recognised by international brands and notable platforms such as GUBA.

What do you think about the GUBA Awards?

I think the GUBA Awards have gone a long way to encourage entrepreneurs, leaders in Ghana and the UK, to keep up the good work. I appreciate the way GUBA has made it a point to throw more light on achievements and success stories written by locals.

Where does your motivation come from?

I am motivated by seeing other young people achieving great success, despite the challenges that lie in our path.

Do you have any plans of expanding your business?

In the next couple of months, we look forward to increase our market share in Ghana and introducing our platforms in other African nations with similar enterprise-consumer challenges.

Are you involved in any other projects?

I believe in sharing my knowledge and experience with other interested people. In the past few months, I have organised two Blogcamps- which brings together bloggers and social media enthusiasts, to create an environment where ideas can be shared by participants. I am also a leading member of the GhanaThink Foundation, which has organised more than 22 Bar-Camps across Ghana.

I have also helped with Apps4Africa, Computermania, TEDxAccra and many other events which seek to transfer knowledge and build capacity.

What message would you give to aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs?

If entrepreneurship makes you happy, just go for it.

As a developing world, any advancement in business is imperative. Edward and his Nandimobile team are working tirelessly to improve business and customer relations.

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