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Music brings the world together, transcends borders and unifies people. No one knows the power of music more than Mr Vandyck Appiah Kobi.  As the brainchild behind Hot Digital online radio, he sought to bring together the Ghanaian community in the UK with his radio show.

He has since succeeded, amassing a large number of listeners. Hot Digital radio has been entertaining the Ghanaian community for 12 years and continues to unify the African community around the world. Running a radio station isn’t easy but he has demonstrated the price of determination and we at GUBA interview him to find out the workings of Hot Digital online radio.

What motivated you to start Hot Digital radio station?

I was an engineering supervisor for WBLS radio for 8 years and with that experience, I set myself a task to open another radio station for the Ghanaian community.  I was motivated by the growing number of Ghanaians in the UK and made it my duty to use Hot digital as the platform for entertainment, news and education.

What challenges have you had along the way?

One of the main challenges I had in the beginning was to do with licensing. It was difficult operating for 5 to 6 years without a license however, the introduction of internet radio made it easier for me to reach Ghanaians all over the world. Also, people were hostile at the start but with knowledge, support from some members in my community and the grace of God, I was able to succeed. I would like to add that my late wife played a very important part in my career, giving me support and encouragement along the way.

Please introduce your team.

I started with Danny Owusu who hosted the news and gospel show. Other team members include:  Baby Boy, DJ Fire, Opanin Marfo, DJ Skoobi, DJ Alordia, Maame Akua and Osofo Mafia (DJ Adusei) who played a great part. We also had DJs: Fifii Pratt, Giles Bossman and DJ Zik, from Ghana who provided us with immense support.

What have you got planned for Hot Digital’s 12 year anniversary?

 To commemorate our 12 year anniversary, we will be hosting an Anniversary and Fundraising Dance at the River of Life Centre on the 5th of May 2013. We would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate this achievement with us. We hope that this event brings together Ghanaians and Africans from all walks of life.

What do you expect to see for the next 12 years of Hot digital radio?

The aim for Hot Digital in light of our 12 year celebration is to get everything in order for 2014. This will help us to reach a wide range of people and make it easier for listeners to access our shows. We hope that in the coming years, we are able to motivate and educate the Youth.

Do you have any plans in place to provide work experience for the youth?

In the upcoming years, we will like to give the youth an opportunity to experience the workings of a radio station. They will get a chance to try their hands at being DJs, Presenting and many more.

What do you think of the GUBA awards?

The GUBA awards is a great way of showing appreciation to the hardworking people within the Ghanaian community.  The charity work being done by the GUBA Foundation is very motivating and I am very proud of GUBA for its continued service to the Ghanaian community.

What advice will you give to people hoping to pursue a career in radio?

Pursuing a career in radio is very rewarding. You get to entertain and impact the lives of your listeners. I would advise that you put your all into it and be dedicated to your craft for hard work pays.

How can people go about sponsoring Hot Digital?

You can contact us through;

Twitter @HotDigitalRadio



Calling the studio on: 07908443338.

 Hot Digital online radio has served the Ghanaian community very well. They have provided entertainment, support and a platform for Ghanaians to share with one another. We at GUBA  will like to thank them for all the support over the years and we urge people to support them at their upcoming anniversary and fundraising dance because GUBA will be there!

It will be taking place on the 5th of May at the River of Life Centre, 12-38 Hatcham Road, London SE15 1TW. The event will run from 10 to 5 am and tickets cost £15. For more information visit:



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