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Every year the GUBA Awards gets bigger and better and, year-on-year, we take pleasure and pride in unearthing a whole array of fantastic Ghanaians and Africans who are worthy of recognition. This year, the competition is set to be the toughest yet, but with your help we believe we can find those who are worthy of nomination for this year’s GUBA Awards and – ultimately – those worthy of an Award on the night.

This year, we have some tried-and-trusted categories, some returning categories and some brand new categories. If you know anyone who fits the bill, please fill out the form specific to that category. The more information you provide, the better their chances of gaining that ultimate nomination.


GUBA Business of the year Award:

GUBA IIA Sustainability Award:

GUBA Efie Ne Fie Award:

GUBA Young Entrepreneur of the year Award:

GUBA Rising Star of the year Award:

GUBA Fashion Fusion Designer of the year Award:

GUBA Music Act of the year Award:

GUBA Ghanaian Association of the year Award:

GUBA Inspirational Personality of the year Award:

GUBA Unsung Hero of the year Award:

GUBA Charity of The Year Award:



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