Kofi Annan resigns as UN-Arab League Envoy to Syria – GUBA Awards
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Kofi Annan, UN Special Envoy to Syria has announced his resignation as the UN-Arab League Envoy to Syria. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon informs that Mr Annan has decided not to renew his mandate when it expires in August.

A six-point plan was designed by Kofi Annan to bring an end to the fighting in Syria, however, the plan was never fully adopted by either side and the violence has continued.

Mr Ban Ki Moon said that Mr Annan deserved “our profound admiration for the selfless way in which he has put his formidable skills and prestige to this most difficult and potentially thankless of assignments”

 It is reported that Mr Annan is in discussion with the Arab League to find a successor to carry on this crucial peacemaking effort, “I remain convinced that yet more bloodshed is not the answer ; each day of it will only make the solution more difficult while bringing deeper suffering to the country and greater peril to the region” he added.

By Claudia Andrews

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