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The GUBA Awards will be taking place this year on the 10th of November 2012 and will be recognising those excelling in the fields of business, trade and commerce. From the Legal and Health sectors to charity organisations and young role models.

Do you want to take part in the nomination process? If so click any of the links below and get started!!  Your role models need you!!!

You can nominate Ghanaians in any part of the UK that fit any of the categories below.

 If you know any charity’s that are based in the UK that help Ghanaians in Ghana, Nominate them below

 Know any young budding raising stars in the world of music? Nominate them below

 Know anyone in our community that deserves an award? Nominate them below

 Are you a Ghanaian who mentors young kids? We want to hear from you. Nominate below

 If you know any great Ghanaian fashion designers based in the UK? Nominate them here

 Do you know Any African women doing well in our community that is inspirational? Nominate them below

 Know any Individual that was based in the UK but moved back home to Ghana and they have set up their own business/or working with a company? Nominate them below

 Are you a human rights activist? Have you supported someone and made a change? Nominate

 Do you know a Community Champion? A Ghanaian who has made exceptional contributions to the community? Nominate them

 Did you get all A’s at school, college or University we want to hear from you….

 Which on-line media site gives you the most informative news on Ghana? nominate them

 Best Ghanaian Event? Nominate them here

 Has your brother, sister or friend got talent? Can they sing/Rap or play instrument #raisingstars? Nominate them here

 Do you know any Ghanaian doing well outside London? Nominate them below

 Do you know Ghanaian in the UK who has made a remarkable impact in Sports, Entertainment or Business? Nominate them below

 Do you know anyone in our community that deserves an award? Nominate them below

 Do you want to sponsor GUBA 2012, then please get in touch email

 Do you want to be GUBA 2012 Media partner? then please get in touch email

 Are you a Ghanaian Journalist based in the UK?   Who writes for newspapers /or online websites? Nominate

 Do you know any company or individual that arranges tourism projects to Ghana? Nominate

Story by Claudia Andrea

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