“African Diaspora, the Catalyst for Growth and Innovation”

The African Diaspora in the Americas is continually shaping history in the world of business, sports, arts, and entertainment, etc., therefore, it is imperative to recognize and celebrate their efforts and, also, to encourage the promotion of growth and innovation in Africa with the rest of the world. The theme for GUBA Awards USA 2019 is “African Diaspora, the Catalyst of Growth and Innovation.”

The Awards is scheduled for Thursday the 26th of September, 2019 at 6 pm at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel in New York, and will be a platform to highlight entrepreneurship and trade partnership opportunities between Africa and the rest of the world.

GUBA Awards USA is designed to promote and celebrate the achievements of Ghanaians and African business and individuals based in the United States. GUBA Awards is an organization dedicated to promoting closer economic, cultural and social links between Ghana and the United Kingdom.

Launched in 2010 as the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards, the annual event celebrates and acknowledges the contribution of Ghanaian and African based businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom.



GUBA Awards is a subsidiary of the GUBA Enterprise, an umbrella organization working towards the advancement of the Ghanaian diaspora. GUBA Enterprise consists of the GUBA Awards, GUBA Expo, GUBA Foundation, GUBA Careers, GUBA Health, and GUBA Diaspora Card.

The GUBA Foundation is an initiative set up to tackle health issues within the African community. The current campaign is centred on the acquisition of incubators in a bid to end Infant Mortality in Ghana. Previous campaigns by the GUBA Foundation has been on raising awareness about autism in the African community in the UK.

GUBA Trade Expo is a platform for Small and Medium Businesses to exhibit their products/services whilst engaging with industry personnel on business growth strategies. The main focus of the expo is to encourage entrepreneurship, achieved through various workshops and seminars at each expo.

GUBA Careers aims to connect corporate firms in Ghana and Africa with skilled individuals in the UK. The first edition of the careers fair took take place in February 2018.

The GUBA Diaspora Card is a unique card that offers discounts to individuals on goods and services. The card give users exclusive deals and reduced rates to GUBA events, goods and services, provided by affiliate and business partners of GUBA Enterprise. Card users have access to a range of facilities from restaurants to hotels


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